Our patternsexpress Story

Founded in 2017, patternsexpress is a collaboration of three individuals who might be one of the more odd combinations of business partners and friends you'll find. Take 2 talented twenty-something women, one a former college athlete with a passion for creativity and design, and the other a former collegiate cheerleader who learned retail on the fly by being thrown into the fire as a graduate assistant that was relied on as a full time manager. Now let's add in a no longer twenty-something guy with head for business, problem solving and getting things done and you get patternsexpress. Born of frustration of working for "Da Man" and the desire to work for ourselves and with each other, our goal is to create a unique line of decorated apparel inspired by our common interest and passions. First and foremost, our friendships formed and grew roots in Spring Hill and we all have developed a strong connection to the City. The next commonality was a love of sports and the passion for both playing and watching our favorite teams. If you were allowed in your group chats you'd see more pictures of our dogs than anything, so don't be shocked to see designs inspired by our canine connection down the road. Oh, and don't forget drinking beer. Add all of these things together and you get the beginning of what we believe will be a fresh take on Spring Hill inspired designs. So check us out and see what you think! We think the one thing we can all agree on:

This is one patternsexpress City.


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